Under-ConScript Unicode Registry

The ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR) is a project led by John Cowan and Michael Everson to coordinate the assignment of blocks out of the Unicode Private Use Area (E000-F8FF and F0000-10FFFF) to constructed/artificial scripts, including scripts for constructed/artificial languages.

However, Mr. Everson is very busy saving the minority scripts of the world and has very little time to update the CSUR. Several scripts have been submitted to the CSUR that have not yet appeared in the Registry. For this reason, we have created the Under-ConScript Unicode Registry (Under-CSUR or UCSUR) to hold these scripts' place in the Registry and ensure nobody steps on each other's toes until they can be added to the original Registry.

Scripts in the UCSUR not in the CSUR are shown in green.

Withdrawn from (U)CSUR

Code RangeScriptStatus
E6D0−E6FFPHAISTOS DISCWithdrawn. Use U+101D0-U+101DF. Mapping table here.
E700−E72FSHAVIANWithdrawn. Use U+10450-U+1047F. Mapping table here.
E830−E88FDESERETWithdrawn. Use U+10400-U+1044F. Mapping table here.

(U)CSUR Allocations

A summary Roadmap to the Under-ConScript Unicode Registry is available.

In addition, the UCSUR provides a Unicode Character Database of the scripts in the UCSUR.

PDF code charts of some scripts are now available, contributed by Ian Jacobi. These scripts have a (PDF) link next to their code range.

Code RangeScriptStatusCreator
E000−E07F (PDF)TENGWARProposals 1993-05-09, 1996-09-15; revision 1997-02-27 Still being revised (2001-06-09). Has been proposed for inclusion in the SMP of the UCS. The UCSUR links to the 2001 revision. The original CSUR links to the 1998 revision.J. R. R. Tolkien
E080−E0FF (PDF)CIRTHProposals 1993-04-08, 1996-05-06; revision 1997-10-06 Still being revised (2001-06-09). Has been proposed for inclusion in the SMP of the UCS. The UCSUR links to the 2001 revision. The original CSUR links to the 1998 revision.J. R. R. Tolkien
E100−E14F (PDF)ENGSVANYÁLIRegistered 2001-06-09M. A. R. Barker
E150−E1AF (PDF, incomplete)KINYARegistered 2001-01-04; one character name corrected 2002-05-04Maurizio M. Gavoli
E1B0−E1CFILIANORERegistered 1997-02-23Jeff Smith
E1D0−E1FFSYAIProposal 1996-11-25; revision 1997-01-21Brian Lilburn (links broken)
E200−E26F (PDF, incomplete)VERDURIANRegistered 1997-01-25Mark Rosenfelder
E270−E28FAUIProposal 1996-12-02; revision 1997-01-21John W. Weilgart
E290−E2BF (PDF, incomplete)AMMAN-IARProposal 1996-09-15; revision 1997-01-21David Bell (links broken)
E2C0−E2CFSTREICHProposal 1996-09-15; revision 1997-01-21Tommaso Donnarumma (links broken)
E2D0−E2FFXAÎNIProposal 1997-02-14Paul Blake
E300−E33F (PDF)MIZARIANProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E340−E35F (PDF)ZÍRÍ:NKAProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E360−E37FSARKAIProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E380−E3AFTHELWIKProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E3B0−E3FF (PDF)OLAETYANProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-02-18Herman Miller
E400−E42FNÍSKLÔZProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E430−E44FKAZAT ?AKKOROUProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E450−E46FKAZVARADProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E470−E48FZARKHÁNDProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E490−E4BFRØZHXHProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E4C0−E4EFSERIVELNAProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E4F0−E4FFKELWATHIProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E500−E51FSAKLORProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E520−E54FRYNNANProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E550−E57FALZETJANProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E580−E59FTELARASSOProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E5A0−E5BFSSÛRAKIProposal 1996-05-28; revision 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E5C0−E5DF (PDF)GARGOYLERegistered 1997-01-21Herman Miller
E5E0−E5FFOPHIDIANProposal 1997-02-25Unknown
E600−E62FFERENGIProposal 1996-08-01; revision 1997-01-21Timothy Miller
E630−E64F (PDF)SEUSSIAN LATIN EXTENSIONSRegistered 1997-01-21Theodor Geisel
E650−E67F (PDF)SYLABICAProposal 2007-09-05; revision 2013-02-09Marcin Kowalczyk
E680−E6CF (PDF)EWELLICRegistered 2008-02-18Doug Ewell
E6D0−E6EFAMLINReserved 2009-10-02; proposal 2010-01-17Thomas Thurman
E6F0−E6FFUNIFON EXTENDEDProposal 2019-03-29John Malone
E700−E73FUNIFON EXTENDEDProposal 2019-03-29John Malone
E740−E76F (PDF)UNIFONProposal 1996-06-01; revision 1997-01-21John Malone
E770−E77F (PDF)SOLRESOLProposal 1996-12-09; revision 1997-01-21, 2002-08-20Jean François Sudre
E780−E7FF (PDF)VISIBLE SPEECHProposal 1996-12-09; revision 1997-01-21Alexander Melville Bell
E800−E82FMONOFONProposal 1997-02-21Steve T. Bell
E830−E88F (PDF)D'NIProposal 2013-10-27Richard A. Watson
E890−E8DF (PDF)AUREBESHProposal 2016-06-22Stephen Crane
E8E0−E8FF (PDF)TONALProposal 2010-12-21John W. Nystrom
E900−E97F (PDF)GLAITHA-AProposal 2005-07-11; revisions 2006-08-22, 2008-02-02, 2008-06-14Rebecca G. Bettencourt
E980−E9FF (PDF, incomplete)GLAITHA-BProposal 2005-07-11; revisions 2006-08-22, 2008-02-02, 2019-03-29Rebecca G. Bettencourt
EA00−EA9F (PDF)LHENAZIReserved 2011-05-01Arthaey Angosii
EAA0−EAFF (PDF, incomplete)WANYAReserved 2012-12-04Max Dominik Weber
EB00−EB3FOROKINProposal 2019-03-29Digital Extremes
EB40−EB5FSTANDARD GALACTICProposal 2019-09-14Tom Hall
EB60−EB9FBRAILLE EXTENDEDProposal 2020-04-28Louis Braille
EBA0−EBDFCISTERCIAN NUMERALSProposal 2020-11-18Cistercian Monks
EBF0−EBFFMARTIN HEXADECIMAL NUMERALSReserved 2023-08-10Bruce Alan Martin
EC00−EC2F (PDF)CYLENIANProposal 2020-03-02Danae Dekker
EC30−EC6F (PDF)SYRRINProposal 2020-03-02Danae Dekker
EC70−ECEFGRAFLECTProposal 2022-11-06Aaron Paterson
ED00−ED3F (PDF)DEINIProposal 2007-10-16Dana Nutter
ED40−ED7FNIJIProposal 2017-05-23Norbert Lindenberg
ED80−EDAFIRANICProposal 2022-05-31Ali Hossein Mohammadi
EDB0−EDDFTASSARUNESEProposal 2023-01-16Narylis
EDE0−EDEFZESEReserved 2023-08-10Jack Eisenmann
EDF0−EDFFGRAWLIXESReserved 2023-08-10Mort Walker
EE00−EEFFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
EF00−EFFFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F000−F0FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F100−F1FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F200−F2FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F300−F3FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F400−F4BFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F4C0−F4EFATHPresent in several UCSUR-compatible fontsMorioka Hiroyuki
F4F0−F4FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F500−F5FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F600−F6FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F700−F7FFunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F800−F89FunassignedReserved for hacks and corporate use
F8A0−F8CF (PDF, incomplete)AIHAProposal 1997-01-21Ursula K. Le Guin
F8D0−F8FF (PDF)KLINGONRegistered 1996-05-09; augmented 1997-02-14Astra Image Corporation
F0000−F0E69 (PDF)KINYA SYLLABLESRegistered 2001-01-04; Names list corrected 2002-05-04Maurizio M. Gavoli
F0E70−F16AFPIKTOProposal 1996-12-02; revision 1997-01-21John E. Williams
F16B0−F16DFDERANIProposal 2023-01-01Hoemaı
F1700−F18FFSEMTOGReserved 2018-02-16George Sutton, Martin Novy
F1900−F19FFSITELEN PONAProposal 2021-08-06; revision 2022-01-31Sonja Lang
F1B00−F1C3FSHIDINNProposal 2021-12-14Quefei Huang
F1C40−F1C7FTITI PULAProposal 2024-04-11Ðoom Epictooþ
F1C80−F1C9FSITELEN PONA RADICALSProposal 2024-04-11Sonja Lang et al.
F2000−F267FSADALIANProposal 2023-12-30Wong Sadale Cho Ching

Further information about the CSUR is available from: John Cowan or Michael Everson. Updated 2008-04-14 (original), 2023-01-01 (under). I WILL COMPLY WITH ANY REQUEST FROM JOHN COWAN OR MICHAEL EVERSON CONCERNING THIS PAGE.