KreativeKorp - Celebrating 20 Years of Existence

KreativeKorp (also known as Kreative Korporation,
Kreative Software, Kreative Entertainment, and
Kreative Media) is the home of computer software
and the world of Mika City by Rebecca G. Bettencourt.

New stuff!

The SuperIPA keyboard layout allows you to type characters
from the International Phonetic Alphabet, including diacritics,
using a mapping based on X-SAMPA.

A new, overhauled version of Character Encodings is now online.

Celebrating 20 Years of Existence

My very first Kreative endeavor was the world of
"The Electronics" in 1994, featuring the main
characters of Miss Diode and Mr. Transistor.
They were based on an illustration in the manual
for a Radio Shack 30-in-1 Electronic Project Lab,
pictured above. Five years later I established
LTP, which soon became KreativeKorp.