KreativeKorp (also known as Kreative Korporation,
Kreative Software, Kreative Entertainment, and
Kreative Media) is the home of computer software
and the world of Mika City by Rebecca G. Bettencourt.

New stuff!

The SuperIPA keyboard layout allows you to type characters
from the International Phonetic Alphabet, including diacritics,
using a mapping based on X-SAMPA.

A new, overhauled version of Character Encodings
is now online, and has been updated to Unicode 12.0.

A new version of Constructium has been released,
adding support for D’ni and Aiha.

Two new fonts, Fairfax HD and Kreative Square have been released:

Fairfax HD is a halfwidth scalable monospace font with wide
coverage of Unicode and support for constructed scripts,
pseudographics and semigraphics, and private use characters.

Kreative Square is a fullwidth scalable monospace font
designed specifically to support pseudographics,
semigraphics, and private use characters.