Relay Fonts ยท Fonts by Kreative Software

If you have downloaded any Relay Fonts before March 2011, please download a new copy of each font you have.

Kreative Kore Series

The Kreative Kore Series consists of the most general-purpose and useful fonts produced by Kreative Software. These are:

Download Constructium Download Fairfax Download Fairfax HD Download Kreative Square

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Classic Relay Fonts

The classic collection that made me famous. All your favorites, ready to download here.

These fonts are released under the personal use license. Use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Download Administrator Password Download Fluorine Lite Mikiana Download Madgecrack Download Sixth Kristen Squirt
Download Alisha Download Glass Download Mika Pro Download Sorority
Download Cosmic Spam, M.S. Download Glathen Girl Download Miranda 25 Download Teen Dreem Magazeen
Download Dot Com Download Infinity Download Miranda 27 Download Tenbitesch
Download dwt Download Kaileen Download OpenDoc Rocks Download Thi Mega Tampon
Download Eighteen Download Kawakimi Download Plastic
Download Felicia Download Long Island Download SCSI Port
Download Fluorine Lite Download Long Island Iced Tea Download Sexy Sara

The following Relay Fonts are not currently available but may be re-released in the future.

Ditch the Logical Jon's New Roman Metal Return of RelayScript
Fonteri Jon's Supercondensed Nineteen
I Make Lots of Graphs Kelly Renee

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Relay Bitmap Fonts

Bitmapped fonts to relive the days of old. These ones sure beat RelayScript, though.

The largest of these fonts, Fairfax, has its own page.

Our "bitmap fonts" are completely valid TrueType fonts that work everywhere, generated by a special conversion process that creates perfect outlines for any given bitmap.

These fonts are released under the free use license.

Download Chixa Download Fluorine Micro Download Magdalena Download SeaChel Unicode
Download dwt Micro Download Goethe Download McMillen Download Sixteen Segments
Download Epilepsy Sans Download Hippauf Download Mischke Download Squarrels In My Pants
Download Fairfax Download KK Fixed Download Monterey

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Retro Computing Fonts

These fonts are pixel-perfect recreations of character generators and bitmap fonts from computers and operating systems of days gone by.

The Holy Trinity of the Apple II, the Commodore 64, and the TRS-80 have their own pages for their collections, of course!

Our "bitmap fonts" are completely valid TrueType fonts that work everywhere, generated by a special conversion process that creates perfect outlines for any given bitmap.

These fonts are released under the free use license.

Apple II Apple Lisa Commodore 64 TRS-80
Download Print Char 21 (40-Column) Download Empty Folders (WMFONT) Download Pet Me 2X (20-Column) Download Another Mans Treasure MIA
Download PR Number 3 (80-Column) Download Engelbart (SYSCURSOR) Download Pet Me (40-Column) Download Another Mans Treasure MIB
Download Shaston 320 (GS/OS) Download LisaCalc Paper (CALCFONT) Download Pet Me 2Y (80-Column) Download Another Mans Treasure MIII
Download Shaston 640 (GS/OS) Download LisaGraph Paper (MARKER) Download Pet Me 64 (40-Column) Download Another Mans Treasure M4A
Download Shaston Hi 320 (GS/OS) Download LisaGuide Paper (IMGRAPH) Download Pet Me 64 2Y (80-Column) Download Another Mans Treasure M4B
Download Shaston Hi 640 (GS/OS) Download LisaProject Paper (TOOLKIT) Download Pet Me 128 (40-Column) Download Hot CoCo (CoCo I & II)
Download Berkelium II HGR (GEOS) Download LisaSketch Paper (SYSPAT) Download Pet Me 128 2Y (80-Column) Download Hot CoCo with T (CoCo III)
Download Berkelium II DHR (GEOS) Download LisaTerminal Paper (TILE*VT) Download Berkelium 64 (GEOS) Other
Download BLoad A1024 (Lo-Res Graphics) Download Priam Whamos (ICONFONT) Download Berkelium 1541 (GEOS) Download Alto Serif (Smalltalk-72)
Download BLoad A8192 (Hi-Res Graphics) Download Some Acronym (HELV7RP) Download Giana (Great Giana Sisters) Download Antiquarius (Mattel Aquarius)
Download Startup From (ROM/Workshop) Download Candy Antics (Atari 8-Bit)
Download Twiggy (SYSTEXT) Download DosStart Default Font
Download Italian Plumber (Gameboy)
Download Mizuno (Sharp MZ)
Download Project Jason (Atari ST)
Download Speccy (ZX Spectrum)
Download Steve Sez (Twiggy Mac Prototype)
Download Two Minutes (SFSU TOS)

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Urban Renewal

Insanely great TrueType versions of the long-forgotten city-named fonts of Mac OS Classic! For more information, see the separate page for Urban Renewal.

These fonts are released under the free use license.

Download Download All (DMG Format) Download Liverpool (aka London) Download Sanfrisco (aka San Francisco)
Download Download All (ZIP Format) Download Los Altos (aka Los Angeles) Download Torrance (aka Toronto)
Download Athene (aka Athens) Download Parc Place (aka Cream, aka Palo Alto) Download Valencia (aka Venice)

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Specialty Fonts

These fonts were created for special purposes, such as support for constructed or undeciphered scripts.

Download Constructium (Multiple Scripts) Download Nuvenon (Tahano Veno) Download Sitelen Seli Kiwen (Sitelen Pona) Download Voynich Unicode (Voynich MS)

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Relay Fonts No Longer Available

The following Relay Fonts are no longer available. A few of these have been replaced with newer versions.

Berkelium Bitmap (replaced by Berkelium II HGR) Fluorine (replaced by Fluorine Lite) Modern Grease
Berkelium Type (replaced by Berkelium II HGR) Hydrogenfluoride (replaced by Fluorine Lite) Signatures
C Colon Backslash Infinite (replaced by Infinity) Sunflower's Illegible Writing
Copyright Renewed Lauren Unmodified Fax
Endcurled Mikkav (replaced by Mika Pro)

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Private Use

The following fonts were created by Kreative Software for private use by certain businesses or individuals. They are not free fonts, nor are they available for licensing. If you have these fonts on your system, you must delete them immediately. Anybody distributing or using these fonts is doing so illegally.

They are listed here for completeness.

Jewel Hill Miss Diode n Friends This is Beckie's font!

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