SuperIPA Keyboard Layout

for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows

Type every character and diacritic from the International Phonetic Alphabet easily.

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The Layout

Kreative SuperIPA keyboard layout is based on CXS, a variant of
X-SAMPA, a mapping from ASCII to the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Most X-SAMPA mappings that use \ or ` for alternate characters can
be typed using Option on Mac OS X, Right Alt on Linux and Windows.
Diacritics can be typed using a Shift-Hyphen dead key on Mac OS X and
Windows (but not Linux), or direct key bindings on all supported systems.

◌̃ ◌̰ ə ɘ ◌́ ◌̋ ◌̄ ɻ ◌̀ ◌̏ ◌̌ æ ɶ * ◌᷄ ( ◌͡◌ ) ◌͜◌ ◌͜◌ ◌̠ ◌̯ ◌̟
◌˞ ◌̤ ɨ ǃ ø ◌̽ ɜ ɞ ɾ ɽ ɫ ◌̴ ɐ ◌̂ ɤ ◌᷈ ɵ ◌᷅ œ ◌̚ ◌̥ ◌̬ - ◌̩ ǂ
ɒ ◌̻ ʍ ◌̼ ɛ ɝ ʁ ʀ θ ʏ ʛ ʊ ᵿ ɪ ɔ ʘ ʋ { ◌̘ } ◌̙ ǁ
tab q ˠ w ʷ e ɚ r ɹ t ʈ y ɠ u ʉ i ɨ o ˡ p ɸ [ ◌̝ ] ◌̞ | ǀ
ɑ ◌̺ ʃ ʂ ð ◌̪ ɱ ʄ ɣ ɢ ɥ ʜ ɲ ɟ ɬ ɮ ʎ ʟ ː ˑ ˌ ◌̈
caps lock a ʰ s ɕ d ɖ f ɗ g ɡ h ɦ j ʝ k ɭ l ɺ ʲ ◌̆ ˈ ʼ
ʒ ʐ χ ħ ç ◌̹ ʌ β ʙ ŋ ɴ ɯ ɰ < ʢ > ʡ ʔ ʕ
shift z ʑ x ɧ c ◌̜ v ʋ b ɓ n ɳ m , . / ˤ shift

The Mapping

A complete mapping between IPA, X-SAMPA, CXS, and SuperIPA follows.
Differences between X-SAMPA and CXS are highlighted in green.

pppPvoiceless bilabial plosive
bbbBvoiced bilabial plosive
tttTvoiceless alveolar plosive
dddDvoiced alveolar plosive
ʈt`t`Alt-Tvoiceless retroflex plosive
ɖd`d`Alt-Dvoiced retroflex plosive
cccCvoiceless palatal plosive
ɟJ\J\Alt-Shift-Jvoiced palatal plosive
kkkKvoiceless velar plosive
g (or ɡ)ggG (or Alt-G)voiced velar plosive
qqqQvoiceless uvular plosive
ɢG\G\Alt-Shift-Gvoiced uvular plosive
ʔ??Shift-/glottal stop
mmmMbilabial nasal
ɱFFShift-Flabiodental nasal
nnnNalveolar nasal
ɳn`n`Alt-Nretroflex nasal
ɲJJShift-Jpalatal nasal
ŋNNShift-Nvelar nasal
ɴN\N\Alt-Shift-Nuvular nasal
ʙB\B\Alt-Shift-Bbilabial trill
rrrRalveolar trill
ʀR\R\Alt-Shift-Ruvular trill
V\Alt-Shift-Vlabiodental flap
ɾ444alveolar flap
ɽr`r`Alt-4retroflex flap
ɸp\p\Alt-Pvoiceless bilabial fricative
βBBShift-Bvoiced bilabial fricative
fffFvoiceless labiodental fricative
vvvVvoiced labiodental fricative
θTTShift-Tvoiceless dental fricative
ðDDShift-Dvoiced dental fricative
sssSvoiceless alveolar fricative
zzzZvoiced alveolar fricative
ʃSSShift-Svoiceless postalveolar fricative
ʒZZShift-Zvoiced postalveolar fricative
ʂs`s`Alt-Shift-Svoiceless retroflex fricative
ʐz`z`Alt-Shift-Zvoiced retroflex fricative
çCCShift-Cvoiceless palatal fricative
ʝj\j\Alt-Jvoiced palatal fricative
xxxXvoiceless velar fricative
ɣGGShift-Gvoiced velar fricative
χXXShift-Xvoiceless uvular fricative
ʁRRShift-Rvoiced uvular fricative
ħX\X\Alt-Shift-Xvoiceless pharyngeal fricative
ʕ?\?\Alt-Shift-/voiced pharyngeal fricative
hhhHvoiceless glottal fricative
ɦh\h\Alt-Hvoiced glottal fricative
ɬKKShift-Kvoiceless alveolar lateral fricative
ɮK\K\Alt-Shift-Kvoiced alveolar lateral fricative
ʋP or v\P or v\Shift-P (or Alt-V)labiodental approximant
ɹr\r\Alt-Ralveolar approximant
ɻr\`r\`Alt-Shift-4retroflex approximant
jjjJpalatal approximant
ɰM\M\Alt-Shift-Mvelar approximant
lllLalveolar lateral approximant
ɭl`l`Alt-Kretroflex lateral approximant
ʎLLShift-Lpalatal lateral approximant
ʟL\L\Alt-Shift-Lvelar lateral approximant
ʘO\O\Alt-Shift-Obilabial click
ǀ|\|\Alt-\dental click
ǃ!\!\Alt-1postalveolar click
!\`Alt-Shift-1retroflex click
ǂ=\=\Alt-=palatal click
ǁ|\|\|\|\Alt-Shift-\alveolar lateral click
ɓb_<b_<Alt-Bvoiced bilabial implosive
ɗd_<d_<Alt-Fvoiced alveolar implosive
ʄJ\_<J\_<Alt-Shift-Fvoiced palatal implosive
ɠg_<g_<Alt-Yvoiced velar implosive
ʛG\_<G\_<Alt-Shift-Yvoiced uvular implosive
iiiIclose front unrounded vowel
yyyYclose front rounded vowel
ɨ11 or i\1 (or Alt-I)close central unrounded vowel
ʉ}u\Alt-Uclose central rounded vowel
ɯMMShift-Mclose back unrounded vowel
uuuUclose back rounded vowel
ɪIIShift-Inear-close near-front unrounded vowel
ʏYYShift-Ynear-close near-front rounded vowel
ɪ̈ (or ᵻ)I\I\Alt-Shift-Inear-close central unrounded vowel
ʊ̈ (or ᵿ)U\U\Alt-Shift-Unear-close central rounded vowel
ʊUUShift-Unear-close near-back rounded vowel
eeeEclose-mid front unrounded vowel
ø222close-mid front rounded vowel
ɘ@\@\Alt-Shift-2close-mid central unrounded vowel
ɵ888close-mid central rounded vowel
ɤ777close-mid back unrounded vowel
oooOclose-mid back rounded vowel
ɛEEShift-Eopen-mid front unrounded vowel
œ999open-mid front rounded vowel
ɜ333open-mid central unrounded vowel
ɞ3\3\Alt-3open-mid central rounded vowel
ʌVVShift-Vopen-mid back unrounded vowel
ɔOOShift-Oopen-mid back rounded vowel
æ{&Shift-7near-open front unrounded vowel
ɐ666near-open central vowel
aaaAopen front unrounded vowel
ɶ&&\Alt-Shift-7open front rounded vowel
ɑAAShift-Aopen back unrounded vowel
ɒQQShift-Qopen back rounded vowel
ʍWWShift-Wvoiceless labial-velar fricative
wwwWlabial-velar approximant
ɥHHShift-Hlabial-palatal approximant
ʜH\H\Alt-Shift-Hvoiceless epiglottal fricative
ʢ<\<\Alt-Shift-,voiced epiglottal fricative
ʡ>\>\Alt-Shift-.epiglottal plosive
ɕs\s\Alt-Svoiceless alveolo-palatal fricative
ʑz\z\Alt-Zvoiced alveolo-palatal fricative
ɺl\l\Alt-Lalveolar lateral flap
ɧx\x\Alt-Xvoiceless palatal-velar fricative
◌͡◌__ or )Alt-Shift-9upper tie bar
◌͜◌__ or )Alt-Shift-0lower tie bar
ˈ"' or "'primary stress
ˌ%" or ,Shift-'secondary stress
ˑ:\:\Alt-Shift-;half long
|||\minor (foot) group
||||Shift-\major (intonation) group
....syllable break
-\-\Alt--linking mark
◌̋_T_TAlt-Shift-3extra high tone
◌́_H_HShift-3high tone
◌̄_M_MShift-4mid tone
◌̀_L_LShift-5low tone
◌̏_B_BAlt-Shift-5extra low tone
◌̌_R or _/_R or _/Alt-Shift-6rising tone
◌̂_F or _\_F or _\Alt-6falling tone
◌᷄_H_T_H_TAlt-Shift-8high rising tone
◌᷅_B_L_B_LAlt-8low rising tone
◌᷈_R_F_R_FAlt-7rising falling tone
<R><R>Alt-Shift-Tglobal rise
<F><F>Alt-Shift-Pglobal fall
◌̹_O_OAlt-Shift-Cmore rounded
◌̜_c_cAlt-Cless rounded
◌̩= or _== or _==syllabic
ɚ@`@`Alt-Erhoticized ə
ɝ3`3`Alt-Shift-Erhoticized ɜ
◌̤_t_tAlt-`breathy voice
◌̰_k_kAlt-Shift-`creaky voice
ʲ' or _j; or _j;palatalized
◌̴_e_eAlt-5velarized or pharyngealized
ɫ555velarized alveolar lateral approximant
◌̘_A_AAlt-Shift-[advanced tongue root
◌̙_q_qAlt-Shift-]retracted tongue root
◌̃~ or _~~ or _~Shift-`nasalization
_n_nAlt-Mnasal release
ˡ_l_lAlt-Olateral release
◌̚_}_}Alt-9no audible release

Installation on Mac OS X

Copy SuperIPA.keylayout and SuperIPA.icns to either
~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/ or /Library/Keyboard Layouts/.

Open System Preferences, search for "keyboard layout,"
and add the SuperIPA keyboard layout or input method.

Select SuperIPA from the keyboard menu and start typing.

Installation on Windows

From the Windows directory, run setup.exe and follow the prompts.

Select SuperIPA from the language bar and start typing.

Installation on Windows (Alternative Method)

Download and install Keyman Desktop.

From the Keyman directory, open and install the SuperIPA.kmx file.

Select SuperIPA from the Keyman system tray menu and start typing.

Installation on Linux

Open a terminal in the Linux directory and run sudo python

Restart the window server by logging out and in again.

Open the settings application, search for "keyboard layout,"
and add the SuperIPA keyboard layout or input method.

Select SuperIPA from the keyboard menu and start typing.


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