From: John Cowan <cοwan@cϲiⅼ.org>
Date: Feb 4, 2008 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: CSUR help

Michael is a busy, busy, busy man. He runs around the world trying to get enough information to encode scripts for minority languages on a shoestring budget while typesetting books in Irish to pay his personal bills. Hobbyist stuff, however entrancing, goes to the bottom of the list.

Furthermore, he's on a deadline, even if a soft one: eventually the PHBs are going to decide that Unicode has "enough" characters -- already it can handle all the commercially important writing systems -- and shrink, then cut off, funding. Whatever is not encoded by then will have to wait, potentially forever. Plus there is no one who can do what he does, and he has no logical successor with the necessary combination of skill, expertise, and bloody-mindedness.

Feel free to publish this on conlang or elsewhere.

John Cowan

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