Open Source Projects

Many of my newest creations are released under open-source licenses, so you can see for yourself how I code.

KSFL - Kreative Structured Format Library

KSFL is a library and command-line tool for reading and writing various structured binary file formats, including: Mac OS resources (.rsrc), Palm OS resource database (.prc), Windows Portable Executable (.exe, .dll, etc.), DFF File Format (.dff) (versions 1.0, 2.0.1, 3.0), IFF, RIFF, MIDI, PNG, ICNS, and HyperCard stacks.

OpenXION - Reference Implementation of the XION Scripting Language

XION is a kind of scripting language that enables ordinary people to do extraordinary things. You do not need to learn a bunch of cryptic symbols and how to put them in exactly the right places in order to tell your computer what to do. Since XION has been created to resemble natural English, all you need is a basic understanding of the English language.

PowerPaint - Library and Application for Bitmap and Vector Image Editing

An extensive and extendable painting application with an extensive range of features, including: both bitmap and vector graphics; multiple layers; five kinds of color picker; patterns, textures, and gradients; dashed lines and arrowheads; a spirograph generator; and even a cellular automaton tool.

RainbowDashboard - Advanced Firmware for Rainbowduino

RainbowDashboard is a third-party firmware for the Rainbowduino by Seeed Studio. The RainbowDashboard project also encompasses RainbowStudio, a graphical front-end application for controlling Rainbowduinos. Using RainbowStudio, you can upload firmware without the Arduino IDE, drive a display, emulate a virtual Rainbowduino, and edit RBD (RainbowDashboard command stream) files.