Rock Paper Scissors Graphs

These are graphs (in the graph theory sense) of different variations of Rock Paper Scissors, drawn with GraphViz. Images are linked to the .dot files that generated them.

The standard RPS that everybody knows and loves.

The Ultimate Players Association's official RPS. Fire beats all the standard throws, but can only be played once in a player's entire lifetime (!). Water beats fire, but all the standard throws beat water. This game is unbalanced; fire is too strong and water is too weak, which explains the restriction on fire.

The dynamite, pencil, and well variants. Note that no RPS game with an even number of throws can be balanced, since there are an odd number of edges on each node. This results in two strong throws and two weak throws.

The Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard variant by Sam Kass, completely balanced.

The Nacho Ninja Pirate Robot Monkey variant by Sabatos, also completely balanced.

The Rock Paper Scissors Airship Tentacles variant by SteamyTech, also completely balanced.

David C. Lovelace has even more free time than I do. He has designed several balanced RPS games of various sizes, up to 101 possible throws!

DCL's 7-throw RPS.

DCL's 9-throw RPS.

DCL's 11-throw RPS.

DCL's 15-throw RPS.

DCL's insane 25-throw RPS.

Finally, the minion of the antichrist, the 101-throw RPS. Here is the .dot file; rendering the image was killing my computer, so I didn't follow through on it.