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ProDOS File Types

$0x Types: General

   $00 UNK Unknown   $01 BAD Bad Block   $02 PCD Pascal Code   $03 PTX Pascal Text   $04 TXT ASCII Text      Auxiliary type is 0 for a sequential text file or the      record length for a random-access text file.   $05 PDA Pascal Data   $06 BIN Binary File      Auxiliary type is the binary file's loading address.   $07 FNT Apple III Font   $08 FOT HiRes/Double HiRes Graphics   $09 BA3 Apple III BASIC Program   $0A DA3 Apple III BASIC Data   $0B WPF Generic Word Processing   $0C SOS SOS System File   $0F DIR ProDOS Directory

$1x Types: Productivity

   $10 RPD RPS Data   $11 RPI RPS Index   $12 AFD AppleFile Discard   $13 AFM AppleFile Model   $14 AFR AppleFile Report   $15 SCL Screen Library   $16 PFS PFS Document   $19 ADB AppleWorks Database   $1A AWP AppleWorks Word Processing   $1B ASP AppleWorks Spreadsheet

$2x Types: Code

   $20 TDM Desktop Manager File   $21 IPS Instant Pascal Source   $22 UPV UCSD Pascal Volume   $29 3SD SOS Directory   $2A 8SC Source Code   $2B 8OB Object Code   $2C 8IC Interpreted Code       $8003 - Apex Program File   $2D 8LD Language Data   $2E P8C ProDOS 8 Code Module

$4x Types: Miscellaneous

   $41 OCR Optical Character Recognition   $42 FTD File Type Definitions

$5x Types: Apple IIgs General

   $50 GWP Apple IIgs Word Processing      $5445 - Teach      $8001 - DeluxeWrite      $8010 - AppleWorks GS   $51 GSS Apple IIgs Spreadsheet      $8010 - AppleWorks GS   $52 GDB Apple IIgs Database      $8010 - AppleWorks GS      $8011 - AppleWorks GS Template      $8013 - GSAS   $53 DRW Object Oriented Graphics      $8010 - AppleWorks GS   $54 GDP Apple IIgs Desktop Publishing      $8002 - GraphicWriter      $8010 - AppleWorks GS   $55 HMD HyperMedia      $0001 - HyperCard GS      $8001 - Tutor-Tech      $8002 - HyperStudio      $8003 - Nexus   $56 EDU Educational Program Data   $57 STN Stationery   $58 HLP Help File   $59 COM Communications      $8010 - AppleWorks GS   $5A CFG Configuration   $5B ANM Animation   $5C MUM Multimedia   $5D ENT Entertainment   $5E DVU Development Utility

$6x Types: PC Transporter

   $60 PRE PC Pre-Boot   $6B BIO PC BIOS   $66 NCF ProDOS File Navigator Command File   $6D DVR PC Driver   $6E PRE PC Pre-Boot   $6F HDV PC Hard Disk Image

$7x Types: Kreative Software

   $70 SN2 Sabine's Notebook 2.0   $71 KMT   $72 DSR   $73 BAN   $74 CG7   $75 TNJ   $76 SA7   $77 KES   $78 JAP   $79 CSL   $7A TME   $7B TLB   $7C MR7   $7D MLR Mika City      $005C - Script      $C7AB - Color Table      $CDEF - Character Definition   $7E MMM   $7F JCP

$8x Types: GEOS

   $80 GES System File   $81 GEA Desk Accessory   $82 GEO Application   $83 GED Document   $84 GEF Font   $85 GEP Printer Driver   $86 GEI Input Driver   $87 GEX Auxiliary Driver   $89 GEV Swap File   $8B GEC Clock Driver   $8C GEK Interface Card Driver   $8D GEW Formatting Data

$Ax Types: Apple IIgs BASIC

   $A0 WP  WordPerfect   $AB GSB Apple IIgs BASIC Program   $AC TDF Apple IIgs BASIC TDF   $AD BDF Apple IIgs BASIC Data

$Bx Types: Apple IIgs System

   $B0 SRC Apple IIgs Source Code   $B1 OBJ Apple IIgs Object Code   $B2 LIB Apple IIgs Library   $B3 S16 Apple IIgs Application Program   $B4 RTL Apple IIgs Runtime Library   $B5 EXE Apple IIgs Shell Script   $B6 PIF Apple IIgs Permanent INIT   $B7 TIF Apple IIgs Temporary INIT   $B8 NDA Apple IIgs New Desk Accessory   $B9 CDA Apple IIgs Classic Desk Accessory   $BA TOL Apple IIgs Tool   $BB DRV Apple IIgs Device Driver   $BC LDF Apple IIgs Generic Load File      $4001 - Nifty List Module      $4002 - Super Info Module      $4004 - Twilight Module      $4083 - Marinetti Link Layer Module   $BD FST Apple IIgs File System Translator   $BF DOC Apple IIgs Document

$Cx Types: Graphics

   $C0 PNT Apple IIgs Packed Super HiRes      $0001 - Packed Super HiRes      $0002 - Apple Preferred Format      $0003 - Packed QuickDraw II PICT   $C1 PIC Apple IIgs Super HiRes      $0001 - QuickDraw PICT      $0002 - Super HiRes 3200   $C2 ANI PaintWorks Animation   $C3 PAL PaintWorks Palette   $C5 OOG Object-Oriented Graphics   $C6 SCR Script   $C7 CDV Apple IIgs Control Panel   $C8 FON Apple IIgs Font      $0000 - QuickDraw Bitmap Font      $0001 - Pointless TrueType Font   $C9 FND Apple IIgs Finder Data   $CA ICN Apple IIgs Icon File

$Dx Types: Audio

   $D5 MUS Music   $D6 INS Instrument   $D7 MDI MIDI   $D8 SND Apple IIgs Audio      $0000 - AIFF      $0001 - AIFF-C      $0002 - ASIF Instrument      $0003 - Sound Resource      $0004 - MIDI Synth Wave      $8001 - HyperStudio Sound   $DB DBM DB Master Document

$Ex Types: Miscellaneous

   $E0 LBR Archive      $0000 - ALU      $0001 - AppleSingle      $0002 - AppleDouble Header      $0003 - AppleDouble Data      $8000 - Binary II      $8001 - AppleLink ACU      $8002 - ShrinkIt   $E2 ATK AppleTalk Data      $FFFF - EasyMount Alias   $EE R16 EDASM 816 Relocatable Code   $EF PAR Pascal Area

$Fx Types: System

   $F0 CMD ProDOS Command File   $F1 OVL User Defined 1   $F2 UD2 User Defined 2   $F3 UD3 User Defined 3   $F4 UD4 User Defined 4   $F5 BAT User Defined 5   $F6 UD6 User Defined 6   $F7 UD7 User Defined 7   $F8 PRG User Defined 8   $F9 P16 ProDOS-16 System File   $FA INT Integer BASIC Program   $FB IVR Integer BASIC Variables   $FC BAS Applesoft BASIC Program      Auxiliary type is BASIC program's loading address and      should be $0801.   $FD VAR Applesoft BASIC Variables   $FE REL EDASM Relocatable Code   $FF SYS ProDOS-8 System File

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