Mikianan Flags

The Mikianan flag has three vertical bands of vivid purple, bright green, and turquoise.

The Kappaan flag has three horizontal bands of blue, brown, and black. Kappaa was a nation adjacent to Mika and there were frequent conflicts between the two.

The Kellahanamanan flag is this thing. Kellahanamana is a kingdom superimposed over Mika and Kappaa in the supernatural realm.

These flags represent the six surviving Mikianan families. From left to right, top to bottom, these represent ten Annett-Toynendem, ten Harrettem, ten Korra-Texxem, ten Lyndaeem, ten Morra-Ryttem, il ten Ă–lla-Sennem.

Finally, we have the Tammy Pride flag. The Tammies were a subculture revered in Mikianan culture.

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