Kreative Square

Kreative Square is a fullwidth scalable monospace font designed specifically to support pseudographics, semigraphics, and private use characters.

You can download Kreative Square here.

You can see Kreative Square’s character repertoire here.

You can find Kreative Square on GitHub here.

There are two variants of Kreative Square included in the download:

Code Charts

Kreative Square is designed to provide full and consistent coverage of the following Unicode and private use blocks:

2500-257F Box Drawing

2580-259F Block Elements

25A0-25FF Geometric Shapes

F000-F0FF Modular Font Elements

F100-F1FF Modular Font Elements Extended

F200-F20F Box Drawing Extended

F210-F23F Fill Patterns

F240-F27F Shade Quadrants

F280-F2BF Sixel Graphics

F2C0-F2FF Block Sextants

These characters will eventually be deprecated once Symbols for Legacy Computing is incorporated into Unicode.

F300-F3FF Block Octants

F600-F61F Kreative Software Private Use Area

F700-F7FF Kreative Software Private Use Area

F800-F89F Kreative Software Private Use Area

1F000-1F02F Mahjong Tiles


1F030-1F09F Domino Tiles


1F0A0-1F0FF Playing Cards


1FB00-1FBFF Symbols for Legacy Computing

Symbols for Legacy Computing is a block of characters introduced in Unicode 13.0. Kreative Square includes this block as well as related characters in the Private Use Area that cannot be encoded (the Apple and Atari logos and the image of J.R. “Bob” Dobbs).


FF000-FF0FF Kreative Software Private Use Area


FF100-FF1FF Kreative Software Private Use Area


FF700-FF7FF Seven-Segment Display Patterns


Kreative Square does contain some characters outside these ranges, though since it was not designed with other ranges in mind, coverage will be incomplete and glyphs may not be the prettiest.

Version Indicator

F800 is mapped to a glyph indicating the version of the font in use:

Most Recent Version: Installed Version:


Other Fonts in the Kreative Kore Series

Constructium is a fork of SIL Gentium designed specifically to support constructed scripts.

Fairfax HD is a halfwidth scalable monospace font with wide coverage of Unicode and support for constructed scripts, pseudographics and semigraphics, and private use characters.

Fairfax is the original 6x12 bitmap font that inspired Fairfax HD.